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Bitwa WarszawskaPiotrków in films
Piotrków Trybunalski is loved by filmmakers. During the last several years the city hosted many great film crews which were working on the films that received general recognition and won awards all over the world. In Piotrków they shot popular Polish TV series (‘Doktor Ewa’ – 1972, ‘Królowa Bona’ – 1980, ‘Jan Serce’ – 1981, ‘Komediantka’ – 1986, ‘Syzyfowe prace’ – 2000, ‘Przeprowadzki’ – 2000 and 2001, ‘Przedwiośnie’ – 2001) as well as feature films (‘Ewa chce spać’ – 1957, ‘Potop’ – 1974, ‘Vabank’ – 1981, ‘Nowy Jork czwarta rano’ – 1988, ‘Uprowadzenie Agaty – 1993, ‘Psy’ – 1992, ‘Pan Tadeusz’ – 1999) and foreign films (‘Shatov and the demons’, based on ‘The Possessed’ by Dostoyevsky – 1988, ‘Jacob the Liar’ – 2000, ‘Masz na imię Justine’ – 2005, ‘Hidden’ – 2010). Moreover, the photos of the first Polish movie entirely made in 3D – ‘Battle of Warsaw 1920’ (2011) – were carried out in Piotrków.

Imieniny Piotrków 2011Recurring events
- PETERS’ NAME-DAY – a series of musical, sporting and recreational events during Piotrków Days. Everyone is welcomed, especially people named Peter (June)
- CHAMBER MUSIC DAYS – a series of concerts organised for nearly half a century now in the castle of Sigismund the Old and churches in Piotrków

- INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL ‘INTERAKCJE’ – an artistic event which brings modern art lovers and artists from all over the world (May)


concert- NATIONAL BACKYARD BANDS FESTIVAL – the only event of this kind in Central Poland. The best backyard bands from the whole country perform in the amphitheatre as well as on the streets and in the yards of Piotrków (May)
- THE ‘TRYBUNALSKI’ FAIR – trade and exhibition fair referring to the local historical fair. It takes place in the marketplace in Piotrków (June)
- MULTICULTURAL MEETING – shows, presentations, concerts focused on multiculturalism of the city (June/July)
- ‘EKRAN WIELU KULTUR’ FILMS REVIEW IN PIOTRKÓW – post-festival review of films from around the world presented during the events for film lovers (June/July)
- SUMMER CONCERTS – a series of outdoor concerts held in the marketplace (June-September)
- GARDEN THEATRE IN PIOTRKÓW – theatrical meetings for children (July, August)
- ‘HOPE’ CHRISTIAN CULTURE AND ART FESTIVAL – concerts, exhibitions, lectures and film presentations. The event aims to gather a specific community of people seeking hope and those who want to share their faith and joy of life (October)
- ‘CROSSROADS’ INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS OF SCULPTORS – a joint initiative of artists, aimed at creating a unique sculpture gallery in the city (September)
- PIOTRKOOF ART FESTIVAL – concerts, exhibitions, presentations and screenings of films representing alternative art (October)
- ‘CABARET TRIBUNALS’ NATIONAL FESTIVAL – a festival promoting young cabaret artists and presenting the best Polish cabaret artists and groups (October)
- NATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION ‘FOR A RUBY HYDRANGEA’ – one of the most prestigious national literary contests in Poland (November)
- IGNACY J. PADEREWSKI NATIONAL PIANO FESTIVAL (November/every 2 years, the next editions in 2011 and 2013)
- NATIONAL CLARINET CONTEST (May/every 2 years, the next editions in 2011 and 2013)
- NATIONAL DANCE IMPRESSIONS – competition for dance groups (November)
- 25th INFANTRY REGIMENT DAY– family festival with the participation of historic reconstruction groups (September)
- ‘PIOTRKOWSKI’  RACE – event for amateur and professional runners in different age groups, at different distances (June)
- ‘TRYBUNALSKI’ RACE – event for amateur and professional runners in different age groups, at different distances (October).


Places worth visiting

- Old Town – urban layout and architecture, monuments
- City marketplace
- City walls
- Royal Castle
- St. Jacob fara church
- Former Dominican Monastery complex
- Bernardine Monastery complex
- Former Dominican Sisters Monastery complex
- Our Lady of Piotrków Trybunalski Shrine
- Former Piarist Monastery complex
- Synagogues in Piotrków
- All Saints Orthodox Cathedral Church
- Our Lady Church
- Courthouse
- Rudowski Palace
- Water tower
- Warsaw-Vienna railway station
- Old cemetery
- Jewish cemetery
- War cemeteries
- Jaxa – Bykowski Castle
- Collegium Novum – the building of the Jesuit and Piarist college.

Academic Piotrków

Piotrków Trybunalski is the second largest university centre in the Łódź Voivodeship. There are over 5 thousand students in the 5 local universities that specialise in such fields as foreign languages, economics and administration. In the second half of May students have their traditional holiday when they ‘take over’ the city and celebrate.

Useful information - CONTACT

Pasaż Rudowskiego 10 - tel.: 0-44 732-77-01

MUZEUM (Museum) pl. Zamkowy 4 - tel.: 44 646-52-72, 0-44 646-43-55
Working hours: Tuesday 10-17, Wednesday-Saturday 10-16, Sunday 10-15

OŚRODEK DZIAŁAŃ ARTYSTYCZNYCH (Artistic Centre) ul. Dąbrowskiego 5 - tel.: 44 733-93-88
ul. Sieradzka 8 - tel.: 44 649-52-64
Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11-18, Sunday and holidays 14-18

MIEJSKI OŚRODEK KULTURY (Municipal Culture Centre) al.3 Maja 12 - tel. 44 732-52-37, 44 732-52-49

OŚRODEK SPORTU i REKREACJI (Sport and Recreation Centre)
HALA SPORTOWO-WIDOWISKOWA RELAX (Sports and Show Hall) al.3 Maja 6 b - tel.: 44 732-65-69
CENTRUM REKREACYJNO-REHABILITACYJNE (Recreation-Rehabilitation Centre) indoor swimming pool, sports hall, tennis courts
ul. Belzacka 108/110 - tel. 44 732-70-86
INDOOR SWIMMING POOL ul. Próchnika 8/12 - tel. 44 732-37-34
STADION MIEJSKI KS "CONCORDIA" (‘Concordia’ Municipal Stadium) ul. Żwirki 6 - tel. 44 732-37-06

ul. Przemysłowa 48 - tel. 44 647-74-73

pl. Czarnieckiego 10 - tel. 0-44 647-70-52, 44 732-36-63

ul. Zamurowa 11 - tel.: 44 732-60-49/50

Calendar of Events


Calendar of Events